Vision is a quarterly publication of Qwik Media Inc. showcasing the work of local photographers. Amateur and professional photographers may submit work for consideration. Each 28-PG, 7 x 9” publication features up to 6 photographers with up to 6 images per person. The first edition circulation is 350 which will increase with future releases.

This publication is supported by the following local businesses & organizations:

  • Qwik Media Inc.
  • Qwik Print
  • Foto-Art

To be considered for inclusion in the publication you need to do the following:

  1. Read and agree to the terms of the Image Use Agreement.
  2. Complete the contact information form on this site including a short description about the work.
  3. Upload a maximum of 6 images for consideration.

If you are accepted we will notify you by email and state which images will be used.

Image Use Agreement

This agreement defines the terms under which Qwik Media Inc. “Publisher” may use your creative work.

By submitting my images for publishing I hereby agree to allow the Publisher to reproduce them in the publication called “Vision” subject to the following conditions.

  1. The Photographer recognizes that submission of images does not guarantee inclusion in the publication. The Publisher reserves the right to utilize the images within 12 months from the data of submission after which images will be deleted.
  2. The Photographer will receive acknowledgement for images reproduced.
  3. Images will be used in a single edition only unless agreed to by both parties.
  4. The Photographer confirms that images are their own original work and that they own all rights of use and reproduction.
  5. The Photographer confirms that they have obtained and hold a Model Release from persons appearing in the image which allows use of the image for publication.
  6. The Publisher may modify image size & relative dimensions to suit the overall layout of the publication.
  7. The Photographer recognizes that changes in colour and detail may occur as a result of the printing process and agrees to hold the Publisher blameless in such cases.
  8. The Publisher reserves the right to correct errors, reduce length and make similar adjustments to submitted Photographer biographical material.

By uploading my images for publication I agree to these terms.


Preparing Images

  • Files must be in JPG format.
  • Maximum file size is 6MB.
  • Assign unique filenames to your work including your surname i.e., BARKER_IMG1.JPG
  • If you are uploading multiple items please select all the files drag all files into the uploader at once