Service by Incident
Minimum 20 Min Charge

  • Site crashes
  • Security breaches
  • Hacking/disruption of services
  • Database issues
  • Small fixes and updates



Purchase in Blocks of 5 Hrs
No Min Time Reqs

  • Security breaches & crashes
  • Content changes
  • Core and component updates
  • Install new plug-ins
  • Fix/repair code issues



Estimates Issued on Inception
Monthly Billing

  • New sites & redesign
  • Custom coding components
  • Database modifications
  • Re-skin existing site
  • Custom programming

On-Demand Services

On-demand services are intended for one-time problem solving and technical support problems.

  • Calls are placed in an emergency queue and ranked on seriousness.
  • Small issues are usually dealt with, within 2-4 hours of placing a call.
  • Larger problems are assessed before work begins. If it is anticipated to require 1-2 hours to remedy, you may be directed to one of our other plan options.
  • Minimum charge for these calls are 20 minutes. It requires us time to determine the nature of the problem before we attempt to correct it.

Rate: $65/H


Prepaid Time

This is the easiest and most cost-effective means of providing regular & ongoing customer support. These plans are designed for sites requiring regular backups and maintenance updates including core updates and plug-in updates to content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

  • This service can be used for emergency support issues and treated like on-demand services.
  • Maintenance plans are created and scheduled for each site we manage.
  • Monthly time is reported to you and charged against your prepaid time block.
  • You are requested to purchase additional time when your reserve is 30 minutes or less.
  • Prepaid time blocks do not expire.

Rate: $59/H


Contract Services

This service is intended for projects requiring 5+ hours of time and includes site builds, redesigns and programming changes.

  • Free one-hour assessment meeting is required during which we will determine the scope of work and our ability to provide service. This meeting can be in person or conference call.
  • An initial deposit of will be requested if we decide to take your project. The amount varies with estimated scope of the project with an $800 minimum.
  • A functional specification is required in which operational requirements are identified and user interface requirements determined. This commonly consumes 20% of your overall budget. If you choose not to go forward with your project you will be billed for time accrued at the rate of $55/hr. Your initial deposit is applied to this charge. The functional specification requires sign-off before work begins.
  • A project estimate is generated based on the functional specification and requires sign-off before work begins. An initial deposit of 35% of the project estimate is required. Estimates include both a low and high value which is within 15%. If time required is less than the low estimate number you will pay the actual. As long as specifications do not change, we guarantee not exceed the upper estimate.
  • Monthly invoices are issued or time accrued on your project, payable within 15 days. When accounts payable exceed 30 days, work stops until your account is brought up to date.

Rate: $55/H