UpIn30 Now Free

Qwik Media has created UpIn30.COM, an on-line sales platform to help local businesses sell more product. Perfect for end-of-line, end-of-season and specialty products. Ideal for product makers and home-crafters. No used merchandise. We are not a “middle-man” so you pay no commissions and no transaction fees – customers deal directly with your business. Make your own arrangements for payment and product delivery.

In response to the crisis that many small businesses currently face, we are waiving the minimal account fee and offering the service free for at least the next 90 days, perhaps longer. This is an opportunity for those inexperienced with on-line shopping to “give it a try”. For businesses with web sites and even e-commerce storefronts, this a means to drive additional traffic to those locations. Aggregating products from a broad range of businesses draws a larger audience and benefits all.

Visit UpIn30 to create a free account and start posting items today.