SEO & Site Optimization

Got a great site that can’t be found.

The Internet is like a busy highway. The job of your web site is direct that traffic to your door. SIte optimization can help you capture more of the “right traffic” – people interested in and able to purchase your products and services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is designed to improve recognition of your web site so it ranks highly when specific search terms are used. Although many companies promise to improve your rankings through “tricks” or proprietary techniques few if any work. Search engines are aware of such schemes and have methods to prevent it.

There is no replacement for well-written text and proper meta-tags that make the location and categorization of pages easier for search engines. Two pages can provide the same information for readers but the one written with a search engine in mind will rank higher.

That said, it is important to keep in kind the type of site visitors that you are trying to attract. Terms in common use by “experts” in a field could be quite different from novices.

Links, both in-bound and out-bound also impact on your search engine ranking. A web site with many links, especially with a specific “subject focus”, can be treated like an expert on the subject. The general rule is that the more traffic you get to your site, the easier it is to get additional traffic.

Prior to starting our work we help identify profiles of key “customer groups” you want to communicate with and develop a vocabulary of terms suitable to that audience.

Our Services

  • Google Analytics research
  • Search trend analysis
  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Writing of content to improve recognition and rankings in search engines.
  • Creation of proper meta tags and page titles.
  • Creating HTML site maps
  • Submission to popular search engines.
  • Monitoring site traffic patterns to determine how people are finding you.
  • Providing on-going site content.
  • Locating suitable written materials from third-party providers.
  • Developing a linking strategy with other sites.
  • Listing with popular sites such as Google Maps.