About Us

QWIK Media Inc. offers professional services in both digital and print media to suit the communication needs of our clients. Our team include programmers, graphic designers and user interface experts. Combining this skills under one roof, reduces project time & cost and assures continuity on multiple platforms.

Web Development

QWIK Media Inc. provides web development services using a variety of programming languages and methodologies.

  • ASP, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax
  • WordPress, Joomla
  • SQL-Server, MySql

We combine the technical skills and process methods required for development of complex software systems with current design ideas to create effective, functional web sites for ecommerce, business management and communications.

Custom Programming

QWIK Media Inc. develops desktop database applications for Windows-based computers. We have over 20 years experience creating financial applications for investment and insurance companies. Our primary tools are:

  • .Net, Visual Basic, MS Office
  • SQL-Server, MySql


When you work with us on your project, you will come to appreciate our attention to detail, ability to deliver on time and within budget. Although we are known for fast execution on projects, we do not start work until we understand your objectives and the problems to be solved. Like the carpenter’s adage, we prefer to measure twice and cut once.


QWIK Media Inc. provides written quotations for projects within 24-48 hours of completing an initial interview to determine the scope of work. We offer a free one-hour initial interview to determine if your project is within our ability, fits our schedule and yours and is clearly understood by both parties.

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