Technical Services & Support

Qwik Media Inc. provides on-demand and structured web site maintenance plans for both projects we build and those developed by other firms. We are able to provide our site maintenance services to clients in Canada, the U.S. and other countries. Services are offered in structured maintenance plans and hourly as-needed.

Are You an Orphan?

Many of our clients have become “orphans” when the original developers have either abandoned them because they have gone out of business, moved on to different lines of work or are unable to deliver on the system requirements. When you become an orphan, it means your site is susceptible to failure from both internal problems and outside threats.

Whatever the reason, we are willing take on these projects and provide:

  • Correction of existing design/coding problems
  • Build add-ons to existing sites
  • Migrate data to an improved platform
  • Provide ongoing maintenance

Trouble-shooting and resolving issues in existing code is one of our specialties.

Site Repair

Fixing most problems and making changes seldom requires “trashing” the work that has been completed unless it is seriously flawed. We will help you preserve the investment you have already made wherever practical. Rarely do these repairs require any change with your site hosting service.

Site Maintenance

Code standards change as do browser requirements so some site maintenance is inevitable. Content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla require plug-in components and core elements to be updated or they can fail or create serious security risks.

Structured Site Maintenance Plans

Structured maintenance plans are intended to minimize system downtime, protect your investment and optimize operation. You can choose from any of the following services and we will create a maintenance plan specific to your needs and the frequency it is required.

  • Installation of updates to plug-ins and external code
  • Testing of user interfaces and general operation
  • Installation of security patches and core system updates
  • System backups

On-Demand Services

When your site goes down, data gets corrupted or you get “hacked” it can be a disaster and requires speedy intervention. In these circumstances, we are able to start work on your problem within two hours of first call. These services are billed on a per hour basis with a premium for after hours and weekend work.