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What is e-mainstreet?

E-mainstreet is a program that takes existing or new business owners through the process of conception to creation and operation of an on-line store. It combines education & training and the tools necessary to plan and build a store.

How Does It Help?

E-mainstreet combines best methods and leading technology to assure long-term success of your e-commerce business. Through proper initial planning, organized implementation and post launch support we aim to reduce risks.

Preparing for Competition

The nature of business is changing and so are the expectations of customers. The customer loyalties enjoyed by small local businesses are disappearing as shoppers seek the best value propositions offered by big box stores and on-line businesses. Every business is affected and has competitors across the street and across the world.

Competing in this new environment requires a combination of technology, smart marketing and retention of the values that make small businesses successful.

Create Your Flight Plan

E-commerce takes many forms, the right choice of technology, products and operational model are dependent on your objectives and capabilities. Before executing on any strategy time needs to be spent determining the readiness of your business.

As part of the e-mainstreet startup process, an assessment of a business’s digital readiness and on-line strategy is completed. This is the basis of an action plan that includes cost estimates, development time line and marketing strategy.

The plan is necessary whether you are a new startup or a business that has been operating for a decade.

Finding Your Product & Niche

You may be starting from the foundation of a “bricks-and-mortar” physical storefront or just with an idea. Assessing the market, determining what sales and what niche opportunities are available and suitable to your concept can be a lengthy process. The options are endless making it difficult to narrow the search. Working with experienced merchandisers can help you refine the selection process.


E-mainstreet participants can benefit from discounted costs of developing e-commerce storefronts, mobile web sites and other technical services necessary to build and operate on-line businesses.

Promotion & Marketing

E-mainstreet members will have the opportunity to participate in joint advertising and public relations campaigns. The intent is to reduce promotional costs and develop marketing programs larger than those of a single business.


E-mainstreet shares articles, case studies, tutorials and more help to main street businesses answer questions before making important digital purchases. Once established, e-mainstreet helps store operators with ongoing training in merchandising, marketing and business planning.

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