Full-featured web site with integrated e-commerce storefront built on WordPress to service customers effectively and attract news ones to your business.


If you are a clothing retailer, toy or hardware store you’ll appreciate the ease with which you can manage a large product inventory and give customers an enjoyable on-line shopping experience. Predominantly white, the page scheme can be modified to inject colour into layouts. Room for plenty of photos and sales pages.

  • Bold splash page graphics
  • User-friendly iconic interface for simple navigation
  • Attention-getting graphics
  • Multi-tiered splash page
  • Service features in splash page
  • Feature product selection on splash page
  • Integrated blog engine for feature posts
  • Connects to Facebook & Twitter for content sharing

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Our design-ready templates make it fast and easy to build your site within hours.
They have all the bells and whistles and are customized to suit a variety of businesses and organizations.