Writing & Editing

Whether you are telling the story of your business, enticing prospects or educating, written communication on the web should be as carefully crafted as anything you would put in print – perhaps more so. What you have to say must cut through the flashy graphics and visual noise that tend to mask the real message. We can help you with simple concise copy that does just that.

Content Development and Writing

To help us develop the copy for your site, we have developed a detailed questionnaire that you must complete before work begins. It will tell us about you, your business and products and give us some ideas as to what your unique selling proposition should be.

Search Optimized Copy

The written content of your web site has a big impact on how your web site is viewed by search engines. The easier it is to find, the more readers will see it and respond to your message. It’s a number game that you can’t afford to lose.

Our Services

  • Development of written material for site pages
  • Background research
  • Editing of submitted text
  • Writing news/blog posts
  • Writing social media posts, tweets, etc.
  • Distribution of content to social media channels
  • Distribution of content to mainstream media outlets
  • Search engine optimization of submitted content