Photographic images enhance your pages, help tell your story and are essential when selling a product or service. Despite the proliferation of low-cost, “smart cameras” that assure that your photos will always be properly exposed, photos are commonly a weak point in most sites.

Ecommerce sites rely heavily on good quality photographs because customers are buying products “site unseen”. The same is true for tourism web sites which are selling the “experience” of a destination, which cannot be related simply with words. In most cases, photos are intended to mesh with text they appear with. Photos can be primarily decoration to provide visual relief on pages of long text but should not be chosen indiscriminately.

Our Services

  • Sourcing photos from numerous stock photography services
  • On-site and studio photography assignments
  • Enhancement of customer supplied photos
  • “Mass-processing” of photo collections and conversion to web standards
  • Meta-tagging