Qwik Start Guide

You can launch a new web set in as little as 72 hours providing you have done the background work necessary and have committed the time to work with our design team. To meet this tight deadline, there are a few things you need to do before you hand your ideas over to us for completion.

  1. Complete our detailed questionnaire

    that will tell us what we need to know about your business and help you organize your ideas and content requirements. Much of the information we ask for can be competed by using our questionnaire.

  2. Select your domain name

    It can take a long time choosing a good web site domain name – many are already taken so you may find it a challenge. Even with a few options you need to check to see if they are available by typing to name in the search bar of your browser or using a service such as WhoIs.net. If you get stuck, we’ll help.

  3. Register that domain name.

    Again, if you don’t know what this means, we can help you.

  4. Organize all photos and graphics to use on your site.

    If you are using your own photos they should be suitable for Internet use. If you don’t have photos and need to rely on stock photography, just describe what you want that photo to look like in words.

  5. Write the initial text to use on your web site.

    You should make several drafts of each page of your web site, usually the first version overlooks important items. If you are not a good writer, just list the important items to include on each page in point form.

  6. Decide on the approximate colour scheme theme of your site.

    If you have a logo with defined colours, request a copy of the HEX, or RGB colour codes from your designer.

  7. Check the web for other businesses or organizations doing what you do.

    This helps us to better understand your business sector or market niche.

  8. Provide us with the URL (domain name) of sites you like.

    This helps us to better understand your vision for your site. We’ll tell you if there are design problems and issues with these sites. Limit your selection to the top three.

Armed with this information we can make the most of your initial meeting and determine the general appearance and what content and features are required.

The text or message of your web site is generally the “achilles heel” of most projects. It is commonly best to have a professional writer help you with this process, which may require a couple of revisions.

With all of this information organized, our job is much simpler and we can focus on getting things down. It reduces down time and reworking which can impact on your overall cost. Remember, it is better to think out your ideas first on paper than on the computer screen.

To get started, contact us for a copy of our detailed web site design questionnaire.