Our Approach

We combine both creative design and technical expertise to create attention-getting web sites and Internet-based marketing tools.

It Starts with Knowing Who You Are

Before working on your web site we require customers to complete a detailed questionnaire which tells us about your business or organization, your objectives and preferences.

This phase is less about design and more about content and messaging. If you are using your web site for marketing, (which is the primary purpose of most web sites) the questionnaire will help you refine your message and key selling points. We research other businesses in your sector, your competitors and those would like to emulate so we can better understand how to “position” you in the mind of viewers.


Web sites incorporate numerous elements, it’s not just a few photos and some text. On a typical project, all or most of the following will be required:

  • Determining the overall colour palette
  • Building the site navigation and pages.
  • Creating custom graphics, icons and flash elements.
  • Sourcing photo material through numerous on-line services.
  • Photographing people, locations and products.
  • Writing the site text or adapting it from other sources.
  • Integrating database components or writing them from scratch.
  • Developing custom modules such as photo galleries,
  • Linking your site to social media services.
  • Adding meta-data to facilitate location by search engines.
  • Testing in numerous browsers for compatibility.
  • Submitting your site to popular search engines.
  • Registering your domain name.
  • Installing custom libraries and database modules on a web server.
  • Data entry to build lookup tables, storefront catalogues and reference tools.
  • User training.



  • a free one-hour initial appointment during which we will discuss the objectives of your site, determine the audience, develop a principal message and develop an initial site plan.
  • a site design questionnaire to assist you in gathering the materials
  • a written quotation summarizing the results of the initial appointment, a site schematic and cost estimate.
  • record of time spent in the development of your site.
  • the ability to preview your site during the development phase.