Content Requirements

Prepare your material before work begins!

To create your web site, a lot of decisions need to be made and content organized and developed. It is better to have this material already assembled before work begins. It will save us time and you money as it avoids reworking and shortens the development cycle.

We have divided the content into categories which will change depending upon the type of site you have chosen and the requirements.

Page Content Individual web pages should have a minimum of fifty words and less than 500.
About Include background story, management and key employees, mission statement and significant accomplishments.
Contact Include all relevant contact information including email and phone. Don’t forget your address if people visit your storefront/business.
Services Individual pages should be created for discreet products and services of your business.
Frequently Asked Questions Every business has a common set of questions they are asked. Placing these on your site can save unnecessary phone calls for information and assist prospective customers.
Testimonials Testimonials may appear on an individual page or utilized in the sidebar of other pages or in attention-getters. 5-6 in total
Portfolio Usually combined with photos, these pages highlight successful projects and samples of your work. 8-10 in total
Privacy Policy It is a good policy to have this information on your site even if you do not store customer data. We provide a template document that you can modify.
Terms & Conditions This page outlines any conditions that apply to merchandise and services you offer. This page would contain warranty terms, payment requirements, etc.
News Articles It is a good policy to create news articles (posts) for your site on a regular basis. These are typically in the range of 50 – 150 words but can be much longer.
Graphics Graphic elements such as the business logo and those associated with suppliers, sponsors and any other business being referenced on the site should be provided as with PNG or JPG files.
Photos Photos used in pages should be limited in size to a maximum of 1000 pixels on the longest dimension. These are resized to suit layout requirements.
Banner images and sliders are typically 1200-1400 pixels in width and require a letter-box format. A standard size is 1400 x 500 pixels but may vary with the site design.